Inter-Madrassah Football League

Assalamualaykum w w,

Register your child for the Boys Inter-Madrasah Football League Tournament
(For Ages 8 – 18)

We are now taking registration for all those children who are wanting to partake in this tournament.

If you would like your child to take part in this tournament, then please complete the following form at your earliest convenience.
It will take less than a minute Insha-Allah.

In order to assist in the running of this tournament, we are looking for volunteers from amongst the parents, therefore, parents are requested to also put their names forward if they are able to take part in volunteering Inshaa’Allah.

The Tournament will be every Wednesday during August 2021.

Once you have registered, we will create teams for the our Madrasah.

JazakAllahu Khairaa

Madrasah Dawatal Islam